The Gifts Factory is associated with Respect Women which looks forward to create awareness and spread ‘Equal Rights’ as the message among all! Be a supporter by volunteering time in seeing the website www.respectwomen.co.in and contributing to the cause (not in terms of money, but your precious time).

We at TGF collaborated with Respect Women to contribute to the cause and spread the message how important is Women Empowerment and how you can make yourself or your girl feel empowered?

Buying Women Empowerment accessories like Feminist Mugs, Tee-Shirts and more will help spread the message around the world!

Join our hands and help women feel empowered!

Respect Women

Respect Women started functioning in 2011 and grew with the support of its friends and fans who are dedicated to spread Women Rights as Human Rights via word of mouth and social media. It raised up from a small yet powerful dream of Three friends who realized the World needs to know the real meaning of Human Rights!
It focuses on "Voice of Women across the World" and also supports LGBT Rights.
Go ahead & join the initiative like the page