Hanging Personalised Lamp Shades

Hanging Personalised Lamp Shades
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Cylindrical Hanging Lampshade New

Cylindrical Hanging Lampshade

Add to your home décor a personalized hanging lamp. The cylindrical lamp features 2 of your full siz..

₹3,024 Ex Tax: ₹2,700

Pillar Hanging Lampshade

Gift your loved one a brilliant collection of your memories with him hanging right up from his ceili..

₹3,584 Ex Tax: ₹3,200

Rectangle Hanging Lampshade

Cherish your best memories in the form of a beautiful hanging lamp which sports 5 of your best momen..

₹3,584 Ex Tax: ₹3,200

Dice Hanging Lampshade

Gift your family a beautiful cube lamp hanging on one of its vertices. This lamp's edgy design showc..

₹4,704 Ex Tax: ₹4,200