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Cubelit Mini Lampshade

Want to gift something unique, but which fits into your budget? Go for Cubelit mini, a cute personal..

₹1,344 Ex Tax: ₹1,200

Cubelit Table Top Lampshade

Preserve all the blissful memories of togetherness with this unique personalised lamp. The bedside l..

₹2,464 Ex Tax: ₹2,200

Cylindrical Table Top Lampshade New

Cylindrical Table Top Lampshade

Friend's birthday? Want to surprise her? Your search ends here! Gift a cylinder personalized lamp wh..

₹2,464 Ex Tax: ₹2,200

Cylindrical Hanging Lampshade New

Cylindrical Hanging Lampshade

Add to your home décor a personalized hanging lamp. The cylindrical lamp features 2 of your full siz..

₹3,024 Ex Tax: ₹2,700

Pyramid Table Top Lampshade New

Pyramid Table Top Lampshade

Want a unique gift for your loved one this occasion? Go for the rarest of the rare - four sided pyra..

₹3,024 Ex Tax: ₹2,700

Pyramid Lampshade with Stand New

Pyramid Lampshade with Stand

Gift a cute personalized bed side lamp in to form of a unique pyramid sitting on a stainless steel s..

₹3,584 Ex Tax: ₹3,200

Tower Lampshade New

Tower Lampshade

Sleep, read, make love or just sit beside a tall tower lamp, which radiates not just 1 or 2, but 11 ..

₹3,024 Ex Tax: ₹2,700

Cubelit Floor Lamp New

Cubelit Floor Lamp

Customize your living room décor with a grand cube floor lamp, which radiates 5 of your best cherish..

₹8,624 Ex Tax: ₹7,700